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Getting Started with the Encyclopedia of Law for Authors and Reviewers

    The Encyclopedia is encouraging legal practitioners to create entries, maybe reusing information produced for other purposes, so that they and their firms are promoted as authoritative sources of knowledge and expertise. Entries must not be promotional in tone or about firms, services or projects – however, there remains huge scope to write with authority and insight about generic legal subjects.

    This is an open-source work of reference, not a business directory (though a firm’s name and hyperlink can also be advertised – in a similar way to Google Adwords – alongside an article), but article authors can append a signature to the page with a discreet link to their user page which can then display further links back to their website and showing other contact details. In many authors view, this makes the Encyclopedia of Law invaluable as a potential content marketing platform for legal practitioners.

    Become an Encyclopedian Expert
    We know that the best information on legal work comes from those who actually do it every day. Whether you are an academic, judge or lawyer, we invite you to share your knowledge and experience with the readers of the Encyclopedia of Law.

    Our audience of legal professionals, students and laymen like or need to read expert advice and commentary from other professionals who have a passion for their practice, a desire to help others, and a love for sharing their knowledge.

    What you get out of writing for us:
    • Access to one of the largest audiences of law readers on the Internet
    • Association with a well-known, established brand
    • The opportunity to include your bio at the end of each article
    • A detailed professional profile page on the Encyclopedia of Law with links to your site.
    • The opportunity to link to your own Web site and blog from each entry

    The Encyclopedia value:

    Lawi’s value has been recognized in coverage by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today and many other publications. Our content has been featured on sites across the web including The New York Times, Yahoo, The Washington Post, and

    We are generally looking for original content, although we may approve content that resides elsewhere on a case-by-case basis.

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